Thursday, December 26, 2013


Did these for my son. He helped a bit with the skin tones and shield but the figures are so complicated they ended up getting some treatment. I tried to keep the painting as basic as possible - so the metallics are pretty poor, but some of the other bits got the full treatment.

Needless to say by the time they were done he'd moved on to tanks and 40K. So he's on his own now (mind you the Imperial guard tanks would look good as space soviets....)

In the meantime here are the Weearrapeepel Confederation.

Lord Whoozahun

Slann Lord - Swallies, Scar Veteran - Dongiesanyyerkeech & the Clan Tongsyabass

Scar Veteran - Gienitlaldy

Flying Squad - Haudmebak Clan

The Yerbrethsmingen Clan


Shamman Izaturez

Shamman Noratzmine

The Weenaftz


The Weemalkies

The Ellfidelows

The Uraphud Clan

The Uraphani Clan


  1. Beautiful figures, and great blog too, your Arab cavalry is really nice!

  2. Thanks Phil - these were a labor of love - complicated figures to paint!!