Saturday, January 4, 2014

7th Armoured

Back in the day - that'd be about 1982 - I thought about getting some 15mm armies - however, after a couple of samples from some now defunct companies I just couldn't see the attraction - by the late 80's I'd picked up some more and the sculpts were better but by that time I really didn't have that much energy for wargaming and painting.

So when I first looked at the Flames of War range in 2004 I was really intrigued with the game, the miniatures but still put off by the painting.  My skills were improving with the 28's so I couldn't face these micro men.

However, I tried a couple of games and thought - well an armored brigade wouldn't be to much of a stretch….. This was built round the 7th Armored box-set.  I'd always liked Cromwells, they had that clunky "steam-punk" look compared to everyone else's tanks.

The few bases of infantry took as long to paint as the vehicles - so I will never do 15mm Napoleonics.

So below are the results - I must admit the first squadrons track where glued back to front and by the time I'd noticed it was to far gone.  Ah well, live and learn.

Since these early days the force has expanded but I'll post more photos of this at a later date.  I've had some success with them but they are pretty brittle, and the tanks go up in puffs of smoke very easily

Mech Infantry - 1st Battalion Rifle Brigade

Objective Marker - 4th County of London

Forward Artillery Observer - 5th Royal Horse Artillery

Artillery Support - A Troop, 5th Royal Horse Artillery

A Squadron - 1st Royal Tank Regiment

B Squadron - 1st Royal Tank Regiment

C Squadron - 1st Royal Tank Regiment

Company HQ - 1st Royal Tank Regiment